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(574) 242-8545

Mike said

See if he texin my girl

(520) 337-2824

Customer Service said

Loud motorcyle revving noises, looped for about every 6-10 seconds.

(520) 227-2379

Private said

I am getting strange calls from 520-227-2379. And also from a restricted number. But this number has texted me and told me to stop calling them, which I have never done.

(520) 395-2128

Chriss said

This information you have is incorrect! This number you have listed with a comment is wrong! I get lots of scam calls and report them and the person you have listed for this number as well as the address is incorrect. I am not sure when this was reported but it would be a good idea if it was in the last 8yrs to remove this crap!

(596) 584-0216

Jonathan said

"Hello my name is Oliver." (in thick indian accent). “I’m from the Windows technical support department…” Sure you are… *click*

(596) 584-0216

1596584216 said