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(310) 415-7680

deee said


(360) 442-0979

David B said

Got a call from this message. No voicemail, plus it identified its self as being from ATT

(360) 703-8492

victim number 3500 said

Sges a ceazy lying whore who tells guys her kids and parents died for money Sad very can not b trusted at all she will con and steal y lo ur shit and twxt you fron dozens of text free numbers pretending to b her family members She swears on her kids and parents and then breaks her word many times she said she had cancer and was dying even faked the doctors email and ive had a hand full of other guys call me askin who tge f... I am cause tgey are getting married lol Wtf sic sad girl fuck

(360) 815-4527

samson said

ya ya. no message

(360) 920-0275

m said

who is this

(360) 567-0160

J. said

Recieved a call from this number claiming to be Josh, the servicer of our photocopier. That is often a scam call so I asked what company they were calling from. At this point he began swearing at me, calling me names and telling me to shut up. I hung up on him and he then called me back and started with "Listen up cupcake" at which point I hung up on him again.

(360) 627-2338

Heather said

Received a call from this number and they left no message.

(360) 201-0071

Tracy said

Keep getting missed calls from this number no voicemail.